Sunrise Smoothie

Just before Christmas last year, I gave my husband, the mixologist, a few bottles of ginger syrup from Morris Kitchen.  I figured he would experiment and whip up some tasty cocktails for us to enjoy whilst wrapping presents, making cookies and just generally enjoying all the holiday hubbub.  It worked, and he did. Success!

What I didn’t anticipate in any way, shape, or form was that this particular ginger syrup would cause me to become a thief.  Yes, It’s true.  I loved the ginger syrup so much I started pilfering the coveted elixir from his stash of cocktail accoutrements.  I began adding the syrup, just a dash or a smidgen, to all sorts of things – sautéed shrimp, fruit compote, lemonade.  Subtle, spicy, seductive ginger magic!  I was hooked.

Of course, eventually I was found out (this tends to happen when you blow though an eight ounce bottle like the wind).  Someone had a hankering for a Dark and Stormy but alas, the last bottle of syrup was nearly empty. I was appropriately contrite, and all was forgiven, albeit grudgingly.  The stock of syrup was eventually replenished, and domestic tranquility reigned once more.

Now that I no longer have to be covert, I’m especially enjoying ginger syrup in my morning smoothie.  These fruity concoctions function as my wake-up call, and a little kick of ginger adds just the right undertone of aromatic complexity.

Sunrise Smoothie
Serves two.

1 cup apricot-mango juice
1 cup coarsely chopped apricots, frozen
1 cup coarsely chopped banana, frozen
3 tablespoons frozen mango puree
1 tablespoon ginger syrup
1/2 cup crushed ice

In a blender, combine first four ingredients.  Pulse until smooth.  Add ginger syrup.  Pulse again until incorporated.  Add crushed ice, pulse until smooth.  Divide evenly between two chilled glasses and serve immediately.  Straws helpful, but not mandatory.

Note:  If you are juicing the fruits yourself, use 3/4 cup apricot and 1/4 cup mango juice for this recipe.  You may need to adjust the sweetness, dependent upon the flavor of your fruit.

For the frozen fruit, cut up the fruit at least the night before and tuck it into the freezer in individual, freezer-safe plastic bags.  Fresh, sliced fruit will keep in the freezer without taste degradation for a minimum of two to three weeks.


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