Crochet Pot Holders

Fall has arrived. Officially.

Although it isn’t going to dip down much below 100 ℉ during the daytime for awhile, the nights will soon begin to cool off, bit by bit.  Here in the desert we will still enjoy warm days with sunshine and swimming and well, summer, for longer than most, but after sundown things will slowly segue into more of what I refer to as “oven-friendly temperatures.”  It is a subtle seasonal shift – not at all like the autumn of cooler climes.  No changing leaves or coats in sight, just a refreshing breeze in the evenings.  In other words, good baking weather.

This year, I have aspirations to try my hand at a few things I’ve not made before –  a danish kringle, mini dessert soufflés, baked alaska (gasp), a traditional cassoulet, a few savory baked puddings, cinnamon buns, croissants, and several different kinds of bread.  I know, I can’t believe I’ve never made cinnamon buns either, but there it is.

In celebration (and preparation), I broke out my new pot holders, gifted to me by my mother, who is a crocheting fiend.  This particular group reminds me of creamsicles, sans the drippy part.  I love how she mixes up the patterns, so that each one is a little different – a chevron, a stripe and a color-block.  She’s clever that way.  Plus, she knows I will use the pot holders much more than any scarf or cap she might send my way.

Whether vintage or newly-crafted, crochet pot holders seem to be popping up all over. Finally, a trend I can get behind!  Although I have my own little stash, that doesn’t stop me from admiring more of these handmade gems, here and there. Below is a round-up of five that have recently caught my eye.

One:  Black and white simplicity by textile artist Renilde de Peuter via Remodelista, here.

Two:  Celestial blue grouping, also by Belgian artist Renilde de Peuter via Remodelista. More on Renilde and her label, At Swim Two Birds, here.

Three:  Kitsch and character to spare – and just a bit spooky.  Fringe-eared owl via Sew Lucky Boutique, here.

Four:  Vintage offbeat floral in a sunshiny spectrum via Quirky Quriosities, here.

Five:  Turquoise and unbleached cotton result in rustic elegance via Divisions T Designs, here.

Lastly, I’m mesmerized by this stunning kaleidoscopic installation from conceptual artist Ana Tuominen (via Things Bright, here), which manages to elevate the everyday pot holder into a magnificent mosaic.  Simultaneously gorgeous and contemplative.

Nothing inspires creativity, in the kitchen or elsewhere, like a thing of beauty.

Happy autumn baking adventures!


2 thoughts on “Crochet Pot Holders

  1. Hi, and thank you for noticing my pot holder! I am Poppet Sanderson of division street designs (divisionstdesigns) and I have a shop on I like you whole article and all the pot holders in it. Enjoy your baking!

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