Norma’s, Palm Springs

Breakfast.  As we’ve all been told a bazillion times, it’s the most important meal of the day, right?

To confess, I’m not really a big breakfast person.  I’m much more likely to grab an apple or muffin on the go than I am to sit down and you know, actually eat.  Like with a table and flatware and stuff.  Unless you are talking about something special, something I normally wouldn’t make at home on those rare occasions when I actually cook breakfast. Something like Eggs Benedict.

I’ve had a love affair with Eggs Benedict for my entire adult life.  I mean, what’s not to love? English muffin?  Check.   Poached eggs?  Good. Canadian bacon? Even better. Hollandaise?  Just heavenly. For Eggs Benedict, I head to Norma’s, where they have a whole menu category, entitled Benny Sent Me, devoted to five (5!) Benedict variations. Bless them.  While each of these interpretations is noteworthy, I’m partial to the traditional version, which they serve with three eggs, tons of scrumptious, creamy Hollandaise, and a side of fingerling potatoes garnished with fresh, peppery arugula.  

Although I can’t really imagine why, let’s just go ahead and suppose you might want to order something other than Eggs Benedict.  Norma’s will not disappoint.  Crepes, waffles and french toast are all well-represented here, often with a decadent twist, ranging from Valhrona Chocolate Sauce to Toffee Crunch Filling. For those who like a little spice to start their day, there is the Breakfast Quesadilla, a crisped flour tortilla stuffed with scrambled eggs, a generous amount of chopped bacon, monterey jack cheese and house-made guacamole, all topped with a lively tomato salsa.

Whatever you decide to eat, make sure you do so outside, because this is where Norma’s shines.  The citrus-hued patio has just the right amount of sun and shade, and you can soak up the funky, mid-century mod aesthetic (courtesy of Jonathan Adler), thoughtfully framed by a gorgeous garden.

It is the perfect spot to enjoy a leisurely breakfast, and Norma’s will start you out with a complimentary shot of their smoothie of the day.  On this particular occasion, our fruity concoction was peach, passion fruit, and mango, with a little hint of coconut. If you like the smoothie shot (and I’m pretty sure you will) you can also order it by the carafe, and you can even enjoy it mixed into a cocktail if you so desire (which, of course,we did).  I’ve been told that boozy breakfasts are totally okay, nutritionally speaking, as long as you include some fruit.  This seems reasonable, and I’m giving it my whole-hearted support.

Finish up with a nice cappuccino or an individual french press pot of coffee and, just maybe, dessert.  Dessert after breakfast?  Aw, go ahead – start the day off right.  It’s important, remember?

norma's cappuccino


Norma’s (at the Parker Palm Springs)
4200 East Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, CA  92264
Phone:  760.770.5000
Parker Palm Springs website, here.



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