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Welcome!  I’m glad you are here, and I hope you find something to enjoy.

Some random stuff about me:

  1. I love lists.  Crap, I just started another one.  See how that happens?
  2. I have been known to wear a sweater when/if (!) the temperature ever dips below 70℉.
  3. My husband, the Official Taste-Tester, is allergic to nuts and peanuts.  Our kitchen, therefore, is “a facility that does NOT process nuts.”  None of the recipes are…”produced on shared equipment with nuts or peanuts”.  Ah, who knew the price for true love would be a cashew?  In any case, at the bottom of each recipe to which it is applicable, there will be a notation for a “nutty” variation.  Go ahead, live it up, just because you can.
  4. Ice is essential to a desert existence.  Trust me.
  5. I like odd numbers more than evens.

Have a question or a comment?  Just want to say hello?  Get in touch with me here:


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