We Love Jam

we love jam blenheim apricot

The imaginary, idealized version of me makes really good jam.

This imaginary me has a lot of skills (such as making jam) that the real me does not, in fact, possess.  To be fair, it’s not that I can’t make jam, it’s more like I never get around to actually doing it.  I’m great at picking out the fruit, but somehow it always disappears before the actual jam-making process begins.  Periodically, people send me jars of jam, presumably in sympathy for my lack of focus in this particular endeavor, or possibly in an attempt at inspiration.  Either way, while their generous gifts have yet to galvanize me into bona fide jam-making activity, they have enabled me to try out some truly amazing stuff.

One jam I won’t be making is apricot, because the guys over at We Love Jam have got this one completely covered.  Before I tasted it, I would never have said my favorite jam in all the world would be apricot, but there it is.  You know something is pretty special when you weren’t all that excited about it before you tried it, and after it becomes the standard by which all others are measured.

This jam is made from just three ingredients – organic apricots, cane sugar and spices.  I have no idea what the “spices” are, and I suspect, sadly, that I never will.  We Love Jam states they use “trace spices…to accentuate key flavors in the fruit” and whatever that proprietary mix is, it works perfectly.  For this jam, they use only freshly-picked Blenheim apricots (never frozen), which allows them to skip the use of pectin, resulting in a jam with a  juicy, thinner consistency and an intense, vibrant flavor.  It is fabulous slathered on toast, croissants or biscuits, but a person with limited restraint could easily eat it straight from the jar with just a spoon.  Oops, I have.  And it is wonderful.

Just two guys make all this jam, plus their other products.  Everything is made in small batches, labeled by them, and shipped by them.  Sometimes, they’ve even picked the fruit!  Eric and Phineas clearly really do love jam, and it shows (plus, they have to be pretty indefatigable, dedicated guys).  However, since this is a two-person operation, and they only produce according to the season, some things may be sold out or have a waiting list. Order early.  Even if you have to wait for your item, trust me, it will be worth it.  You can check out all their goods, here.  There also have a handy list of retailers, where you can buy a limited selection of their products, here.

This year, I’m ordering a few extra jars of the apricot jam.  Rattling around in the back of my mind is the idea that it would be just perfect for an apricot version of Dorie Greenspan’s Classic Jammers.

As soon as my jam arrives, I’m on it.  I just know this is going to be good.